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At Keller Legal Services, we follow a very effective, client-centered philosophy of practicing family law.


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Experienced Naperville Divorce Attorneys & Family Lawyers 

Our Naperville divorce lawyers and family law attorneys at Keller Legal Services provide over three decades of skilled professional legal representation in the area of divorce and family law. We are well-established and respected in the Naperville community and we take great pride in our ability to resolve our clients' most difficult legal problems. We want our clients to have peace of mind when we are on the job. Our family lawyers represent clients throughout DuPage, Kane & Will Counties in a wide range of complicated and challenging family law matters, including but not limited to:

  • Divorce
    Under Illinois law, a couple can seek a no-fault divorce when their marriage has irretrievably broken down. Many people are unsure about whether they should end their marriage, and our divorce lawyers can help them think through the pros and cons, as well as what their rights will be during the divorce.
  • Fathers' Rights
    Fathers often face unique challenges in a family law court. Although Illinois law treats mothers and fathers the same, some judges might be biased against fathers, especially men who spend a lot of time at work or on the road. Our Illinois father's rights attorneys will fight for your right to visitation and parental responsibilities, as well as reasonable child support.
  • Paternity
    No man has any custody rights until he establishes paternity. Mothers also do not have the right to force a man to pay child support until a court establishes that he is the father. At Keller Legal Services, our family law attorneys can help with paternity actions. Paternity is usually determined using a DNA test.
  • Child Custody
    Custody has two parts in Illinois: decision-making responsibilities and visitation (time with the children). These two pieces of custody can be shared or awarded solely to one parent. In practice, both parents should have ample visitation with their children, though everything depends on where they live and their schedules. Sole custody is rarely awarded unless a parent has abandoned or abused a child. Child custody disputes can be especially emotional, but our family law attorneys will do everything in our power to ensure your continued relationship with your loved ones.
  • Child Support
    Illinois child support guidelines determine the amount that each parent must contribute to their child’s upbringing. Often, the parent who has less visitation with the children ends up making monthly support payments to the other parent. Child support is not alimony, and it is not a windfall for the other parent. The formula has removed a lot of confusion, though judges can depart from the guideline amount in certain situations.
  • Maintenance/Alimony
    A marriage is a financial union that can result in financial devastation when a couple divorces. A lower-earning spouse can cushion the blow by requesting alimony from their ex. Judges have discretion about whether to award support, the duration of support, and the amount awarded. Our divorce attorneys can make a convincing argument to the judge about whether support is warranted or not.
  • Orders of Protection
    There is no excuse for domestic violence. Those who are abused need legal protection, and they can seek an order of protection. Generally, orders of protection limit the amount of contact an abuser can have with you or your family members. When abusers violate the orders, the police can arrest them.
  • Property Division
    Couples seeking a divorce or legal separation must divide their marital property, including marital debts. This is often a contentious topic. Generally, all property obtained while married is marital and needs to be divided, regardless of who holds legal title. All debts incurred are also marital and must be divided between spouses. Illinois law only requires a fair division, not necessarily equal division.
  • Post-Divorce Enforcement & Modification
    Issues surrounding the enforcement of a divorce decree regularly arise. For example, your ex might not let the children visit you, or he could refuse to pay child support. Seeking a court’s help is often mandatory. Modification is also a complicated process. Life does not stand still, and many of our clients need to modify a child or spousal support award, or they want to change visitation or decision-making responsibilities. Illinois law limits when a person can seek this type of modification.
  • Legal Separation
    Legal separation is an option when couples live apart from each other. Although they stay married, the judge will divide their marital property and enter child custody and support orders. Many clients decide that they want to stay married for religious reasons or to maintain eligibility for certain benefits.

Retain Our Naperville Divorce Lawyer To File for Divorce in Illinois the Right Way

Getting divorced is often more complicated than many husbands and wives imagine. There are many requirements to satisfy, and you cannot simply walk into court and expect a judge to divorce you, you must seek the counsel of a competent divorce attorney.

For example, all people seeking a divorce in Illinois must meet certain residency requirements. Generally, at least one spouse must have been a resident in Illinois for at least 90 days before filing. You will need to sign an authentication to this effect.

The law has also changed recently. Petitioners no longer must cite “grounds,” which were the legal reasons for divorce. Once upon a time, petitioners had the option of citing infidelity or abandonment as grounds. Today, the sole ground is “irreconcilable differences,” which is no-fault divorce.

Nevertheless, parties still must file in the correct court and serve the paperwork on their spouse using acceptable methods. This is where an Illinois divorce lawyer can be a big help.

Our Naperville Divorce Lawyers Negotiate Favorable Settlements

After filing a petition, a couple can decide all the important issues in their divorce, including child custody and support, alimony, and the division of marital property and debts. They can submit their settlement agreement to the judge for approval.

Unfortunately, many couples can’t agree on one or more. This lack of agreement can cause a divorce to drag on—and increase the cost.

Nevertheless, there is some hope. At Keller Legal Services, our divorce lawyers in Naperville have deep experience in divorce mediation, where squabbling couples meet with a neutral third party to discuss their disagreements. Mediation often helps couples clear the hurdles to an amicable divorce. We understand mediation inside and out and can protect your rights. We also can help you maintain the flexibility necessary for mediation to work as planned.

Any issue couples cannot agree on gets decided by a judge at trial. There is a long investigator period called “discovery” where each side requests information from the other. Discovery can make or break a case. For example, it is during discovery that we might find out that your spouse has been hiding assets in a bank account or that your spouse’s new boyfriend has a criminal record and drug addiction, which can matter in custody determinations.

Our Naperville Divorce Lawyers and Family Law Attorneys Promise to You

At Keller Legal Services, we follow a very effective, client-centered philosophy of practicing family law. Our Illinois family law clients come to us when they are facing difficult challenges in their lives. They want experienced local divorce attorneys who can step in for them and handle the situation. We want our clients to know that, in Keller Legal Services, they have a knowledgeable and experienced partner who will bring order back to their lives.

Our family law and divorce attorneys have more than 30 years of experience helping clients address problems that they face related to all areas of family law and divorce in DuPage, Kane, & Will Counties, IL.

The entire legal team at Keller Legal Services understands that successfully providing legal services means forming and maintaining individual relationships with our clients. Clients rely on and trust us because they know that we truly care about their welfare and that we are committed to protecting their legal rights.

Our experience and dedication to establishing successful attorney-client relationships allow us to provide clients with legal advice tailored to their specific situations. Our family law attorneys know the law, not just as it is in the legal books, but as it is practiced by the lawyers and judges in the area.

Family Law Attorneys & Divorce Lawyers In Naperville 

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