Family & Divorce Lawyers in Aurora

The attorneys at Keller Legal Services have been practicing law for more than 25 years, and have successfully represented clients across Aurora and DuPage County in a variety of family law issues. We always put our clients on top priority and strive to deliver the best results through effective and efficient solutions every time you come to us with your problems. Whether you need legal assistance with divorce, father’s rights, child custody, child support, paternity, or any other aspect of family law, our Aurora attorneys can help you get the best possible results for your case. 

What Sets Keller Legal Services Apart?

There are some legal issues that can be resolved amicably through negotiations, while for others, it becomes inevitable to settle things outside the courtroom. At Keller Legal Services, we stand with you from day one, and work closely with you till the end. However, we believe our clients should know the reasons why they should prefer our attorneys over others, and what makes us stand out of the crowd.
Keller Legal Services offers:

  • Fast Communication: Our attorneys believe that time is a valuable asset. We provide efficient legal services to our clients from the moment they sit down with us to discuss their case. After carefully listening to your issues, we evaluate all possible legal options and help you make the final decision. We aim to start working on your case the same day you come to us for initial consultation.
  • Honest Advice:One of the most important aspects of a case is providing legit and honest advice. We strictly think that clients should know their current standing and the true picture of their case so that they can easily make an informed decision regarding their way forward.
  • One-on-one Experience: Our attorneys strive to provide personalized service to each client, and give as much attention as a client needs to be satisfied with our legal counsel. We encourage the clients to ask questions to clear doubts they may have at any stage of their case.
  • Aggressive Representation:Whether it is traditional litigation or quasi-judicial proceedings, we use our in-depth knowledge and extensive experience of courtroom litigation to aggressively represent our clients in front of the judge and jury. Since litigation can be costly, we plan to present the case in a way that enables the court to reach a verdict in less amount of time.
  • No Hidden Costs: We have a transparent billing system where you are charged only for services our attorney provides you. If there are any additional expenses incurred during your case, we first inform you, provide proper reasoning, and get your consent before moving on.

Experienced & Reliable Divorce Lawyers Serving Aurora and all of Kane County, Illinois

If you have any questions regarding our legal services or want to get an appointment with one of our family law attorneys, you can schedule a free initial consultation by calling 630-868-3093 or contacting the firm online.