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Should I Hire a Divorce Attorney?

If you are even considering a divorce, you have likely wondered if hiring an attorney is necessary. The answer, of course, depends on the complexity of your divorce and the level of cooperation you and your spouse are able to maintain. Factors that can complicate a divorce include prenuptial agreements, significant marital assets, and, of course, children. Even the most amicable divorces can become difficult when there are a large number of considerations to negotiate.

Regardless of your divorce’s complexity, it is important to be aware of some of the advantages a qualified divorce attorney can offer:

Ease of Communication

Many divorcing couples find it difficult to communicate with each other during such an emotional time. Anger, resentment, and hurt can slow down the divorce process if they cause negotiations to break down. An attorney, however, can reach out to your spouse or the other attorney without any of the hard feelings getting in the way. This can allow for settlements to be reached quickly and with far less stress.

Attention to Detail

Divorce can feel overwhelming with all of its accompanying considerations. An attorney will be familiar with the law and requirements for divorce in Illinois and will make sure each step is completed properly. A lawyer can also help you make decisions regarding your divorce agreement. He or she may be able to point out considerations you may have missed or rights of which you may be unaware.

Additionally, divorce proceedings require a significant amount of documentation to be completed and submitted to the court. Your attorney and his or her staff are typically equipped to streamline the required paperwork, making sure the proper forms are in order, and deadlines are met.

Help With Custody and Visitation Orders

Your children mean the world to you and you want what is best for them. A qualified divorce attorney will make sure your rights as a parent are protected in custody and visitation proceedings. The laws regarding custody, visitation, and child support in Illinois can leave a great deal to the discretion of the court. On your own, it may be very difficult to work within the nuances of the law to achieve the outcome most beneficial to your children, but a lawyer will typically be able to do just that.


Most of the mistakes individuals make during their divorce are due to unfamiliarity with the details inherent to the process. For many situations, this is the biggest benefit that can be offered by a qualified divorce attorney. An attorney with experience in divorce and family law is well-prepared for each stage of the divorce process and can help prevent small issues from growing into large ones. You can be confident that your divorce is being handled by a competent professional capable of making your best interests his or her top priority.

When choosing representation during a divorce, you should do so carefully. Selecting the right lawyer can help reduce the stress and confusion of even the most difficult situations. If you live in Illinois and are considering divorce, contact an experienced Wheaton family law attorney. We look forward to working with you throughout the process.