Nesting – An Alternative in Parenting Time

Many couples face difficulties or hesitations when deciding to divorce because they do not want to disrupt the children’s home life. Typically, during and after a divorce, each parent is designate his or her parenting time with the children, and the children either go to “mommy” or “daddy’s” house. For the parents that do not want to disrupt the children more than they have to, one option is nesting.

Nesting is the idea that the children stay in the house, while mom or dad rotate out based on the agreed schedule of parenting time. For example, if mom has scheduled parenting time with the children, dad will stay in an apartment until his parenting time. The apartment can be shared by the couple to save on expenses or rent, or the parents can have separate spaces away from the house.

Nesting may be less disruptive to the children but can be a headache if it is implemented incorrectly. A good nesting plan takes good communication, planning, and clear boundaries.

If you want to explore nesting, our Wheaton family law attorneys can help you structure a plan that is airtight and works with your individual family needs.