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How To Create A Positive Co-Parenting Environment For Your Children

Splitting child custody and co-parenting with your ex-spouse can be challenging. However, working well with your ex-partner is critical for the health and well-being of the children. Your children need the two of you to get along. It is vital for their self-esteem, security, and overall well-being.

The good news it is possible to create a positive co-parenting environment for your children with hard work and discipline. Please continue reading to find out how. If you have child custody questions, the DuPage County child custody lawyer at Keller Legal Services can help.

Communicate Effectively With Your Ex

There will be disagreements about childcare issues in a co-parenting arrangement. For example, one parent may want to educate the kids in a way that the other disagrees with. Or, one partner may want to take the children away during a holiday.

Whatever disagreements arise with your ex regarding the children, keep arguments away from the kids. If the parents need to discuss a severe childcare issue, it is best to do it away from the children. Perhaps set up a date to talk at a coffee shop or other public place.

If the disagreement cannot wait and happens in front of your children, both parties should keep their tempers. Experts say it can be helpful for children to see their parents work out a disagreement amicably.

Be careful about emailing and texting the other spouse. It is easy to say hurtful things in messages with an ex-partner. If you receive an upsetting message, take a breath and do not respond immediately. Furthermore, only deal with one major issue per conversation.

Never Say Bad Things About The Other Parent

Creating a positive co-parenting environment also means never badmouthing your ex-spouse in front of the children. While it may feel good for a moment to unload on your ex in front of the kids, it teaches them to be disrespectful to others. Criticizing your ex in front of the children also can make them feel insecure.

Write A Detailed Co-Parenting Plan

A detailed co-parenting plan will make the entire process smoother and more favorable for the children. In addition, the more things are laid out on paper about what will happen, the lesser the chances for major disagreements later.

Some of the things that a co-parenting plan should cover include:

  • How will you handle major holidays and birthdays?
  • Where do you pick up the kids when they transition to the other house?
  • How long will you wait to introduce a new boyfriend or girlfriend?
  • Can each of you post pictures of the children on social media?
  • How will you deal with their medical and dental appointments?

The more difficult the breakup, the more detailed the co-parenting plan should be. Having everything agreed to on paper should help to make the co-parenting environment more positive for the children.

Allow For Flexibility On The Rules

You probably have some hard and fast rules in your home, such as the kids being in bed at 9 pm. Or, children are only allowed to watch TV for an hour per day and no fast food. But your ex-spouse may take them for fast food every week and let them stay up until 11 pm watching Netflix.

The co-parenting environment will suffer if you argue with your ex about every violation of your rules. Instead, be more flexible and let the small things go.

Let The Children Make Decisions

One of the most complex parts of divorce for the kids is it makes them feel insecure and out of control of their lives. Some things will change in their daily lives, such as where they live, sleep, go to school, etc. Holidays and vacations will be different than before.

You and your ex-partner can give the children agency and control over their lives. Do so by letting them take some things from one house and leave it at the other. If they leave an expensive new toy at your ex-husband’s apartment, so be it. Making small decisions about their own lives will give the children more security.

Get Organized

When everything is clear and organized, the co-parenting plan works better. You can keep track of medical appointments, pickups, school events, and more on phone apps. You can even use Google Calendar to do these things. When both parents can access the same app and are on the same page, the co-parenting environment is always better for the children.

Accept That Fair Is Not Always Equal

After a nasty divorce, many parents think a co-parenting relationship means 50/50 with the kids. But that does not always make sense for the children. For example, if the father has to travel weekly for work, it could make sense for the children to be with the mother most of the week. Likewise, if your ex-wife has always taken the kids to their soccer practices, do your best to make that part of the plan.

When children see that Mom and Dad can agree on this type of arrangement, it will make the environment more positive for them. It will help if you inform the children at all times about who they will be with and when. Ask them for their input, too

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