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Going through a divorce can be considerably more difficult for spouses when there are children involved in the process. However, dissolving a marriage should not deprive children of the love and support of both parents. One of the most important elements of a divorce is the determination of how the children will be supported and raised after the split; which oftentimes can lead to disputes between spouses and between unmarried partners. In order to handle this matter effectively, it is essential to have an experienced and reliable Bolingbrook child custody attorney working to help you protect your relationship with your children as well as your parental rights.

Our Dedicated Bolingbrook Attorneys Help Clients with Parenting Plans

Recently, several changes have been made to the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act under Senate Bill 57, reforming the way parenting concerns are dealt with for separated and divorced parents. The term “child custody” has been replaced with the allocation of parental responsibilities. The divorcing parents are now required to develop a single, cooperative plan that divides responsibilities toward their children, also known as the parenting plan.

The allocation of parental responsibilities in Illinois involves several things aside from who will have the primary custody of the children. It involves making legal decision-making rights, parenting time (formerly known as visitation), choices about religion, travel stipulations, education, and extracurricular activities. In a majority of the cases, a negotiated parenting plan is submitted and approved by the family court. However, if both parents submit a different plan and are unable to reach an agreement, the judge will finalize the terms of the enforceable parenting plan.

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At Keller Legal Services, we know that a number of important decisions need to be made for a comprehensive parenting plan. One of the critical aspects for the allocation of parental responsibilities is the determination of parenting time and its schedule. Our Bolingbrook child custody lawyers have more than 30 years of experience in handling family law matters and know how to develop a parenting arrangement that befits the circumstances and needs of your family.

Even in cooperative, amicable situations, our Bolingbrook attorneys can provide skilled legal counsel and sound advice to help you draft an effective parenting plan. However, if you and your spouse have a conflict of opinion, we can work out some arrangements to reach a common ground in such disputes in order to keep from taking matters to the court.

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At Keller Legal Services, we know the difficulties couples face in resolving child custody issues. Our Bolingbrook child custody attorneys carry out a thorough assessment of your situation and provide you with competent legal advice to enable you to make well-grounded decisions.

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