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Parental Responsibilities Attorneys Wheaton & Aurora, IL

Parental responsibilities attorneys help couples remember that no matter how difficult the marriage becomes it is essential that being parents, you put the best interests and welfare of your children ahead of everything else. Our family law attorneys at Keller Legal Services work closely with clients to come up with effective solutions and reach a common ground for child custody arrangements that are acceptable for both parents and their children.

We understand that a lot of emotional and practical issues need to be taken into consideration when determining parental responsibilities. With our experienced attorneys, you can expect them to create parenting plans that not only protects your child and their best interests but also addresses your concerns and respects your rights with minimal contentiousness during the divorce process.

Determining Parental Responsibilities in Illinois

The Illinois family court system puts the child’s best interests above all matters involved in a divorce. While there is a formula for calculating child support, the court takes into account several factors when making decisions regarding parental responsibilities and which spouse should be awarded custody of the child. These factors include, but not limited to:

  • The moral integrity of each parent
  • The ability to provide care and fulfill the needs of the child
  • Evidence or history of child neglect, child abuse, sexual violence, domestic violence, or any other behavior that may be harmful to the child
  • The physical and mental health conditions
  • The ability to follow court orders for custody and show flexibility when there are changes made to them
  • The willingness to be involved in a child’s personal and school life.
  • The ability to act in the best interest of the child and prefer them over of their own interests

This is just a partial list of factors, as each case is different in its own way and the court may consider additional factors based on individual circumstances. In other words, anything that may seem relevant and important to the court may be considered during the case proceedings.

Some parental responsibilities allocated to one or both parents include making decisions regarding medical treatment, education, extracurricular activities, religious upbringing, international traveling, and several others. Having parental responsibilities may give a parent certain rights over the child; however, they are obligated to use those rights only for the welfare and wellbeing of the child. Moreover, the court may award one parent the majority of parenting time, while the other parent may still have to pay child support.

At Keller Legal Services, our parental responsibilities attorneys understand that for parents, there is nothing more precious than their children. By keeping this in mind, we help you evaluate your options, navigate through the legal processes involved, and make sure that your rights as a parent are protected. We help you make educated decisions to ensure a brighter, more secure future for you and your children.

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