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Divorce Attorneys in Kane County

Whether you have been married for a year or decades, dissolving your marriage can be legally and emotionally challenging. However, with experienced legal counsel and representation, issues pertaining to divorce can be resolved effectively. That is what we strive to achieve at Keller Legal Services.

We work together with our clients to make the entire process as painless as possible; while ensuring that our clients’ rights and best interests are protected at all stages of the divorce process. Whether you are in the early planning stage or have already filed for divorce, our Kane County attorneys can help you cope with this difficult phase in life. We opt for a personalized approach and use our extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of Illinois family law to help clients achieve a favorable outcome for their divorce.

Helping Clients Resolve Divorce Matters Amicably in Kane County, IL

At Keller Legal Services, we believe that the best way to resolve divorce-related issues is through working towards a common goal for settlement. Working towards goals that benefit both the parties and children makes the process easier for the family and takes less time and money, and results in much better outcomes. By avoiding a costly trial, both spouses will have greater control over making decisions in the outcome of the divorce. It is much easier when both parties are able to cooperate with one another and make difficult decisions related to:

Our Kane County Divorce Attorneys are Strong, Experienced Litigators

While we recommend our clients to negotiate a favorable settlement with their spouse in every case, sometimes conflict regarding different divorce matters is unavoidable. This is especially true in cases where there are family-owned businesses, high net-worth assets, and children are involved. That is why our Kane County divorce attorneys are always prepared to take your case to trial when necessary.

Having over 30 years of courtroom experience and comprehensive knowledge of divorce law, we are known to be strong and effective legal counsel in Kane County. We understand and know the best way to present your case to a judge. We have established a reputation for working hard with our clients through every step of the process, and are known to provide robust representation on behalf of our clients in family law court.

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If you or your spouse has filed a petition for divorce, it is advisable to discuss your case with an experienced Kane County divorce attorney. Contact Keller Legal Services today at 630-505-1515 to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation. Our attorneys will vigorously fight to defend your rights.