Naperville Child Custody Lawyers

Naperville child custody lawyers understand that a divorce is a life-changing event for most people, as it takes a toll on their lives in one way or the other. The process becomes particularly difficult when both parties are in conflict with regard to child custody issues. Each parent wants to keep their children close and thinks they are capable of providing the best for them. When spouses are going through divorce proceedings, the family court requires them to show their capability to cover parental privileges and duties, which in turn decides the relationship with their children after divorce.

While you may not want to remain married to each other anymore, you will always be parents to your children. Since the future of your children significantly depends on this matter, we prefer settling the child custody issues through mutual agreement, allowing both spouses to keep the family bonds intact as they step into their new lives.

Determining Child Custody in Naperville

At Keller Legal Services, our Naperville child custody lawyers have over 25 years of experience in helping clients settle divorce matters in a timely and effective manner. In Illinois, most courts consider the following factors when deciding on which parent should get custody of the children:

  • Psychological and Physical Health: The judge evaluates the physical and mental health of each parent to ensure they are capable of proper upbringing and fulfilling the demands of parenting.
  • Child’s wishes: Legally, if the children are old enough, they can express their desires to the court. They are given a chance to articulate their wishes to the judge in a private session. The rule of thumb is, the older the children, the better chances are for the judge to consider their preferences.
  • Siblings: If there are two or more children, judges try to keep the siblings together and separate arrangements are fairly uncommon.
  • Agreement between the Spouses: Most courts give preference to mutual agreements if parents have negotiated about child custody and visitation outside the courtroom.
  • Domestic Violence: If there is a history of domestic violence, the judge is likely to give child custody to the non-abusing parent.

At Keller Legal Services, we provide effective legal counsel to all types of families involved in child custody disputes that benefit all parties. We believe that every parent has the right to stay in touch with their children. If it is in your child’s best interest, our Naperville child custody attorneys will assist you in protecting your parental rights. We will work closely with you to help you understand different legal options that are available to you and ensure your interests are protected throughout the divorce process.

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Child custody is a sensitive and complicated matter and should be handled by an experienced and knowledgeable Naperville attorney. Whether you want to stand your ground for getting custody of your child or negotiate on the visitation schedule, our Naperville attorneys can provide you with skilled legal counsel and aggressive representation. Call us today at 630-505-1515 or contact our firm online for scheduling an initial consultation.