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I have used Jeff Keller for more than ten years and am very pleased with Keller Legal Services. Jeff has represented me for business and in family law matters. Jeff is reliable, experienced and has been very successful in achieving the best outcome for me. Jeff is very professional, and also kind and caring. I would trust Jeff to handle any legal matter for me.

I was nearly a year into my divorce and my lawyer hadn’t done anything for me. He advised me to basically just roll over and give my ex-wife everything, including my kids. A friend gave me Mr. Keller’s number and told me he was a father’s rights attorney. I am so glad I called him because I ended up with a good property settlement, 50-50 shared custody of my kids, no child support, and got rid of the support payments my old lawyer had locked me into paying. Mr. Keller was able to fight for me and get me what I wanted out of the divorce when everyone else, including my previous lawyer, told me it would never happen. I highly recommend Keller Legal Services to any guy that wants a fair shake. I will never use any other lawyer.

I came to Jeff Keller a little over a year ago heading into financial ruin. Jeff, first calmed me down and told me things will be just fine. We would take each problem one at a time. We did that. As each problem got handled, I began to get my life back. Jeff is the most knowledgeable attorney out there. If he does not practice in a certain field, he knows people who are experts in those fields. Thank you, Jeff, for giving my wife and I our lives back.

I have used Jeff Keller’s Legal services for years. Jeff has represented my family and I in matters including the purchase of real estate, personal issues and marital issues. He has always been there to answer all of our questions.

Mr. Keller did an excellent job representing me. I started my divorce in 2005. I went through several attorneys prior to hiring Mr. Keller’s law firm. My prior attorneys failed to keep me apprised of my case, return calls, or succeed in my representation. It seemed I was always losing every time I went to court and all I got was bill after bill with no explanations. Once I hired Keller Legal, everything started going great for me. Finally! I highly recommend Keller Legal.

Jeff Keller goes above and beyond. He not only cares about the case but about his client’s as human beings. I am a stay at home mother and divorce is extremely emotionally difficult and scary. I can not tell you how many times he took calls on weekends and after hours and just listened. It means more than he will ever know. I highly recommend Mr. Keller.

Keller Legal Services was great to work with. Very prepared and cared about the end result. Jeffrey Keller is a consummate professional. I have used Mr. Keller and Keller Legal Services to represent both me personally and my companies. Each and every time they were professional, thorough and reliable. I highly recommend Keller Legal Services.

I am so glad that I hired Jeff Keller. I was being taken advantage of by my ex and her lawyer. I was going to court every month being asked for different things and the lawyer was trying to get $20,000 in back support which I didn’t owe. Mr. Keller came into the picture and caught on right away to the bogus things they were trying to do. He called them out. The court denied my ex any child support arrearages, and eventually, I ended up getting custody of my son and awarded child support against her. Another time, I used Mr. Keller when I was injured at work. Mr. Keller helped get me over $200,000 in my workman’s comp settlement. My recommendation is that if you deserve something he is the lawyer that acts and does what he says.

I came to Jeff Keller a little over a year ago heading into financial ruin. Jeff, first calmed me down and told me things will be just fine. We would take each problem one a…