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Wheaton Child Support AttorneysChild support is one of the common elements of a family law case, and generally involves disagreements between both divorcing and non-married parents. Child support refers to the contributions that a parent makes to the other parent or guardian to assist with the financial burden of upbringing their child or children. However, determining a fair amount for child support often can lead to contention in a divorce or paternity case. At Keller Legal Services, we help our clients in Wheaton and surrounding areas in Illinois obtain settlement or resolution of child support matters through negotiations or litigation.

Representing Clients in Child Support Matters in Wheaton, IL

Our Wheaton child support attorneys provide skilled legal counsel and can help you understand the statutes and laws governing child support in DuPage County, Illinois. We offer reliable representation to parents who need help in:

  • Establishing parental income from employment, investment and other sources;
  • Obtaining initial orders for child support payments in divorce, legal separation, and paternity cases
  • Evaluating existing assets and uncovering hidden assets for a fair allocation of child support amount based upon income production;
  • Acquiring post-decree modifications when circumstances warrant modification of child support or child custody;
  • Obtaining a child support enforcement order when the supporting parent refuses to pay or misses scheduled payments, i.e. deadbeat parents cases;
  • Enforcing terms of parenting agreements or court orders for payment of travel, medical and dental expenses, school and extracurricular expenses, religious training expenses, and other court ordered reimbursable child expenses.

Our law firm focuses on providing personalized child support services for our Wheaton clients throughout the duration of process and ensures that our clients. We provide our clients in Wheaton with a clear picture of their child support case and help them make well-grounded decisions. We opt for a client-centric approach, keeping your needs and goals our topmost priority.

Calculation of Wheaton Child Support

Illinois laws currently has statutory guidelines pertaining to the calculation of child support payments. It is based on several factors, such as the income of each parent and expenses related to the child like medical care, education, and others. Generally, the supporting parent is assigned to pay a certain percentage of child support based on the number of children.

Net Income of Non-Custodial Parent Number of Children
20% 1
28% 2
32% 3
40% 4
45% 5
50% 6 or more

While courts follow these standard statutory guidelines for designating the amount of child support, disagreements arise over certain aspects, including:

  • Calculation of net income of each parent;
  • Discrepancies between earning capacity and sources of income;
  • The allocation of parental responsibilities; and,
  • Additional expenses such as daycare and school tuition, extracurricular activities, medical bills, and others.

Further, family law courts are allowed to deviate from these statutory guidelines based upon unique circumstances that may exist. In cases where there have been deviation from the statutory guidelines, the Courts have given consideration to the amount of parenting time awarded to each parent, amount of parenting time exercised by each parent, each parent's income and/or living situation, and special needs of the child or children.

Child support generally stops when each child reaches legal age and graduates high school or, in some cases, earlier if they are emancipated. However, child support payments may continue beyond 18 years of age if the child has special needs or is physically or mentally incapacitated.

Child Support Guidelines Changes are Coming Soon

As a parent who pays child support or receives child support, you should be aware that within the next several months new child support guidelines are scheduled to go into effect. The new changes are supposed to be published and take effect July 1, 2017. Once these new guidelines are enacted, parents may be entitled to modify the child support that they pay or receive. You should contact Keller Legal Services to learn more about the new child support guidelines.

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